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  • Italy
  • 絵描き&陸上

My name is Angelo and I was born in Milan, Italy but I came in Japan since when I was 1 year old because of my family origins.
I’m still young, but I’ve been lucky enough to be raised in a very international environment that gave me an open mind and a certain predisposition for different languages and cultures.
I like to travel and make experiences that refine my skills and personality.
Something about me:
My main activities and interests includes: drawing (precisely graphic and sketching), movies and music. My favourite sport is “Track and Field” but I’m a Soccer admirer and a huge Juventus F.C. Fan. In my spare time, I enjoy playing videogames and reading good books. I often go to seaside, art exhibitions, and great events of any kind.
Let’s have some fun conversations together 😉