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  • Singapore
  • Movies, Reading, Writing poetry

Hi all! I am Dennis from Singapore, the island with Mer-kun, don’t know where or what it is? Ask me when we meet.

I am an artist and in my last project, I made a timber boat even though I have never made one before. I would love to build my own house one day, build a sailboat I can live in and have a caravan to travel around.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying Tokyo, learning Japanese and thinking about the next project. Come have a chat with me.


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  • Singapore
  • ロック

Hi! I’m Eugene from Singapore. I have been living in Tokyo for more than a year now and I find this city absolutely fantastic!

My hobbies are music, rock music, in particular, guitars and soccer, but we can talk about anything under the sun. I can also speak some Chinese so don’t hesitate to converse in Chinese with me! I can explain slightly more difficult words and phrases in Japanese too so feel free to ask anytime!

English may be slightly difficult to master at first but let’s have fun while learning more about the language! Looking forward to seeing you at LanCul!


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  • Singapore
  • Nipple Piercings

Hey there, I’m Marcus from Singapore!

The place with an Infinity Pool and where chewing gum may land you in jail. Sounds scary, but I’m nothing like my country! Crazy and effervescent, you will find me dancing like a lunatic in clubs or singing to the top of my lungs in karaoke joints. But right now, I’m mostly focusing on learning Japanese and come next year, fashion school!
Yesssssss, that’s it. Looking forward to your face!