• Poland
  • Travelling, sailing, swimming, volunteering, science

Hello everyone! I’m Kasia. I have traveled a lot around Europe, and now it’s my first time to experience Asia – and so far, I love it! At my university in Poland, I used to work for the international organization for engineers, organizing workshops or open events for students. I love getting to know other people’s opinions and ways of life. So don’t hesitate to come and talk about anything you want!



  • Australia
  • Writing, drinking a lot of coffee

Hi there! My name’s Veronica. I’m half-Australian, half-American, and I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I love writing, drinking a lot of coffee (Melbourne is famous for their cafes!), and wandering around my new home here exploring. Other than that, I spend a lot of my time practicing yoga so I can complete my teacher training at the end of the year. I look forward to meeting you!



  • USA
  • Sports

My name is Martin Ziola and I am a Japanese-American student currently majoring in Communication Studies at university. My English social skills are valued very well, Japan is a place I love and don’t plan on leaving after I graduate, the culture is very peaceful and makes me feel at home. I make sure that I leave a great impression every time I talk to someone I meet. Let’s talk and have a great time!


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  • Brazil
  • Music, Games ,Languages

Hey everyone, I’m Gerald! I was about to start a trip around the world, but Japan was so amazing that I decided to stay here for a while. I’m a creative kind of guy, always juggling between film, photography, music, games, languages and many other things. I learned English playing video games when I was a little kid, and I learned Spanish getting drunk and talking to strangers in Argentina. So everything counts!



  • Canada
  • Art, traveling, cooking

Hello, my name is Emily and I am from Toronto, Canada! 

I came to Japan in March of 2016 to work as an ALT in Hachioji, and try to get my art into a few art shows. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in drawing and painting, and I have a love for Ukiyo-e art. I would like to learn Japanese woodblock printing someday.  I want to learn about your hobbies and interests, so please come and talk with me! 



  • Canada
  • Bicycles, Rock music

I’m Justin from Canada. I am funny, fun and very social! If you speak with me you will have fun and learn some real cool conversation skills. I am a musician who has been playing in Rock bands for many years, I love music the most. I also like riding bicycles, I was even a bicycle messenger for 6 years. But enough about me. I promise I can help you to freely chat in English! So lets talk soon!



  • USA
  • Language exchange, Travel

Hi everyone, I’m Val! I’m originally from southern California but I came to Japan in early 2016 to finish my degree here in Tokyo. Studying and living abroad has been a dream of mine for several years and I’m very happy to be here and experiencing new things every day! I like talking about all kinds of things and I’m excited to get to know you!



  • USA
  • Fashion, Hiking, Outdoors

California born and raised. Came to Tokyo to follow my dream of being a Fashion Model and trying big brush Shodo. I love all types of art, design and beauty. My degree is in Communication and it really came in handy while I was backpacking SE Asia. I love to exchange stories and learn from others. Come in and tell me about the best food from your home town! 🙂

Brian G


  • USA
  • Technology, Science

My name is Brian, I first came to Japan in 2014. I enjoy talking and learning about culture. I especially love deep philosophical discussions but enjoy light conversations too. My puppy is a 10kg terrier mix, I love talking about dogs and pets.


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  • Singapore
  • Movies, Reading, Writing poetry

Hi all! I am Dennis from Singapore, the island with Mer-kun, don’t know where or what it is? Ask me when we meet.

I am an artist and in my last project, I made a timber boat even though I have never made one before. I would love to build my own house one day, build a sailboat I can live in and have a caravan to travel around.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying Tokyo, learning Japanese and thinking about the next project. Come have a chat with me.



  • USA
  • Make-up, Painting, Karaoke

Hello! I’m Cait! I moved from Pittsburgh, USA to Japan a little over a year and a half ago. I worked as a make-up artist in the US, and moved here to teach English.

I love interesting, unique music, movies, and art, and I love meeting new people! I am excited to chat with you all! 🙂



  • England
  • Films, music, gym, politics, history

I’ve been in Tokyo since April 2016 and I love it here.

I’m originally from Manchester in England and have been to a few countries and wish to visit many more. I lived in Barcelona for almost a year and can barely speak Spanish. Likewise with Japanese.

I look forward to meeting you.