• England
  • Long walks, Baking cakes, Animals, Nature, Science, Music
Hi!! I’m Bryony, but you can call me BB (its far easier to pronounce). I’m originally from Staffordshire in England, but before coming to Japan, London was my home. My life has been pretty tame so far, so I want to have as much fun as possible and experience many new things, which is one of the reasons why I came to Japan. When I need to relax, I can be found going for long walks and, if i had an oven, baking cakes. My other interests are animals (mainly dogs), nature, science and music. I find how people think and act interesting, so I really want to hear your stories and opinions and in exchange, let me show you that England is not just Fish ‘n’ Chips and The Beatles, it’s much cooler and we are friendly, I promise ^-^. I look forward to meeting you.



  • United States
  • Live Music
Hi everyone people call me Yuyu I’m originally from Chicago, and currently attending university here in Tokyo, you will often find me attending Live Music events because music is my passion. Ever since coming to Tokyo for the first time, I completely fell in love with the city, because of its colorful uniqueness, such as with its edgy fashion, delicious food, and kind people.


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  • India
  • Cricket, gymming, cooking

Hey, guys! how are you doing? I am Pulkit from India. So I have started traveling the world and Japan is my first stop. Why Japan to be the first one because I want to learn the super polite language of the world and the most peaceful way of living on the earth. There is a lot more about me but I want to know more about you just visit us so that we can converse about it.



  • Poland
  • Travelling, sailing, swimming, volunteering, science

Hello everyone! I’m Kasia. I have traveled a lot around Europe, and now it’s my first time to experience Asia – and so far, I love it! At my university in Poland, I used to work for the international organization for engineers, organizing workshops or open events for students. I love getting to know other people’s opinions and ways of life. So don’t hesitate to come and talk about anything you want!



  • Australia
  • Writing, drinking a lot of coffee

Hi there! My name’s Veronica. I’m half-Australian, half-American, and I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. I love writing, drinking a lot of coffee (Melbourne is famous for their cafes!), and wandering around my new home here exploring. Other than that, I spend a lot of my time practicing yoga so I can complete my teacher training at the end of the year. I look forward to meeting you!



  • USA
  • Sports

My name is Martin Ziola and I am a Japanese-American student currently majoring in Communication Studies at university. My English social skills are valued very well, Japan is a place I love and don’t plan on leaving after I graduate, the culture is very peaceful and makes me feel at home. I make sure that I leave a great impression every time I talk to someone I meet. Let’s talk and have a great time!


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  • Brazil
  • Music, Games ,Languages

Hey everyone, I’m Gerald! I was about to start a trip around the world, but Japan was so amazing that I decided to stay here for a while. I’m a creative kind of guy, always juggling between film, photography, music, games, languages and many other things. I learned English playing video games when I was a little kid, and I learned Spanish getting drunk and talking to strangers in Argentina. So everything counts!



  • Canada
  • Bicycles, Rock music

I’m Justin from Canada. I am funny, fun and very social! If you speak with me you will have fun and learn some real cool conversation skills. I am a musician who has been playing in Rock bands for many years, I love music the most. I also like riding bicycles, I was even a bicycle messenger for 6 years. But enough about me. I promise I can help you to freely chat in English! So lets talk soon!



  • USA
  • Language exchange, Travel

Hi everyone, I’m Val! I’m originally from southern California but I came to Japan in early 2016 to finish my degree here in Tokyo. Studying and living abroad has been a dream of mine for several years and I’m very happy to be here and experiencing new things every day! I like talking about all kinds of things and I’m excited to get to know you!



  • USA
  • Fashion, Hiking, Outdoors

California born and raised. Came to Tokyo to follow my dream of being a Fashion Model and trying big brush Shodo. I love all types of art, design and beauty. My degree is in Communication and it really came in handy while I was backpacking SE Asia. I love to exchange stories and learn from others. Come in and tell me about the best food from your home town! 🙂


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  • Philippines
  • Custom motorcycles

Hi, I’m Angie!

I was born in the Philippines, but, when I was seven, I moved to Singapore, where I lived for eleven years of my life. Feeling that the tiny island of Singapore was too small for my dreams and aspirations, I decided to leave the comfort of home and venture out to Tokyo– I haven’t regretted my decision ever since. I’m currently studying at Sophia University as a sophomore under the Liberal Arts Program. My interests and hobbies include, art, music, photography, traveling, swimming, tennis and, of course, eating~

I’d love to meet all of you, so come drop by and say hi at LanCul 🙂