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  • Singapore
  • Fashion, Art, Creative Work, Urban Exploration
Call me Andrea! I’m from Singapore, a tiny country about the size of Tokyo’s 23 wards. It’s been my life-long dream to come to Tokyo to study fashion, so here I am! I enjoy sewing, painting, reading and sharing memes when I’m not hanging out or drinking with friends. I’m addicted to making bad puns (ダジャレ) and I might also be a slight adrenaline junkie. I’ll be waiting to see you guys at LanCul!


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  • Belgium
  • Collagen, Fasting, Weight management

Hi there everyone I’m Alexandre. I first stayed in Japan back in 2006 for one month on holiday. After several trips to Japan, I finally created an opportunity in 2015 and started working in Japan. Recently, I fancy watching adventure movies or drama, especially pirate stories. Although not a gamer myself, I enjoyed watching on YouTube all “Assassin’s Creed” stories.



  • Luxembourg
  • Cats, food, knitting

Hi! I’m Julie from Luxembourg, a tiny country in the middle of Europe. I first came to Japan when I was 16 and since then have never really been able to leave the country behind me. My interests keep changing all the time, but currently include jogging, cycling, knitting, cooking and (totally standing by this!) K-pop and going to concerts.  Please feel free to talk and teach me about everything and anything!



  • France
  • Music, Movie, Literature

I am French, from Paris, and I am staying one whole year in Japan! I have landed in Tokyo on February, so I am still a newbie here. I am passionate about music, movies, and literature. I also love food, and I am always down to discover a new restaurant.  I can add that my friends say that I am a really good audience because I am basically laughing all the time: your jokes, even the bad ones, are very welcomed!



  • Japan
  • Traveling, Food, Wine

Hello I’m Aya from Japan, I was born and raised in Tokyo. When I was 19 years old I wasn’t able to speak any English, then after spending 9 months studying in Canada, I learned to speak the language! Since then I’ve traveled to 15 countries, I love food, wine and coffee. I’m more than happy to share the stories with you 🙂



  • Japan
  • Food! Photography

Hey everyone!

I’m Manami. Born in Tokyo, raised in Malaysia with a bunch of Aussie kids! Having lived in such multicultural environment, I appreciate the difference and uniqueness in people and things.

Photographer and graphic designer who loves anything food related – tell me about your latest food adventure!

Come and say hi 🙂


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  • Singapore
  • ロック

Hi! I’m Eugene from Singapore. I have been living in Tokyo for more than a year now and I find this city absolutely fantastic!

My hobbies are music, rock music, in particular, guitars and soccer, but we can talk about anything under the sun. I can also speak some Chinese so don’t hesitate to converse in Chinese with me! I can explain slightly more difficult words and phrases in Japanese too so feel free to ask anytime!

English may be slightly difficult to master at first but let’s have fun while learning more about the language! Looking forward to seeing you at LanCul!