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My name is Martin Ziola and I am a Japanese-American student currently majoring in Communication Studies at The American Temple University, located in Tokyo. I have been in Japan for about 7 years now, as I have been living in Iwakuni for the majority of my High School years. Recently, However, I moved up to Tokyo to finish my college studies after spending two years at University of Maryland University College in Iwakuni, so I am a transfer student. Although I have lived in Japan for a long time, I never tried to learn the language, which I dearly regret, however I do know a bit of Japanese, but not enough to uphold a conversation. As for learning Japanese, I am studying by myself to get better with the language in General. My English social skills are valued very well, Japan is a place I love and don’t plan on leaving after I graduate, the culture is very peaceful and makes me feel at home. I enjoy talking to many people due to the fact that having these skills is a way to make a first impression, I make sure that I leave a great impression every time I talk to someone I meet. Let’s talk and have a great time! It’s great to meet you!